This Week's Story: "Skills To Keep the Devil In His Place"

By Lia Swope Mitchell, appearing in Shimmer

Read Lia Swope Mitchell's "Skills To Keep the Devil In His Place"

This week's story complements last week's story. Obviously I think you should read both, otherwise I wouldn't have sent them to you, but in this case I think it's worth reading both one-after-the-other. They speak to the same things: teenage girls, hunger, and the way teenage girls are asked to tamp that hunger down. They're also both a little creepy (it's still October, after all), straddling that line between horror and urban fantasy, but the stories are squared around the girl's experiences--no Evil Sexy Teens here. Anyway, go read it, and if you missed "The Magician's Apprentice" last week go read it too.

"Skills To Keep the Devil In His Place" appeared in Shimmer in November 2016. Sadly, Shimmer closed up shop in 2018 (and I miss them dearly). Their stories are all still available online, though, and they're almost all as strange and unsettling and good as this one.

What I'm Up To

Hey y'all! I warned you there might be infrequent sections on the things I'm doing. Here's the first: last week a story I wrote (no promises of greatness) was published on a podcast (my first ever!). You can go listen to it on The Overcast.

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