One Great Story

Every Tuesday I’ll send a link to one great story. Sometimes it’ll be new, sometimes it’ll be old, but it’ll always be great. It’ll almost always be fantasy or science fiction. It'll always be available to read, free and legal, online.

What I’m Up To

Sometimes I’ll also tell you what I’m up to: links to stories I’ve written (no guarantee of greatness), conventions I’m attending, other interesting tidbits. I promise it won’t be often, and it’ll never come before or without the great story of the week.

Uh, Isn’t There Supposed to be a Subscription Thing?

Listen, I signed up for Substack because all the cool kids were doing it. I have no reason for you to subscribe. If you want to give me money, please instead give money to the magazines which publish these really great stories. They’re doing the labour; I’m just enjoying the fruits.